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Dates & Location

16th September -18th October 2009 using the SMAP site at Weed, New Mexico. Elevation 7269 ft. Lat 32.8°N Long 195.5W  

Catalogue identification

IC10 Irregular galaxy.

Equipment Used

Officina Stellare RC400 at 3304mm focal length.
Paramount ME German equatorial Mount.
Camera SBIG ST-11000M with FW-8L filter wheel.
TheSky V6 telescope control.
CCDSoft V 5.0 camera control


Where it is in space

Located in the direction of the constellation of Cassiopeia. It lies outside the Milky Way galaxy butit is a member of the Local Group of galaxies.
The apparent size of this galaxy in the sky is approx 6.4 x 5.3 arc minutes.
It glows faintly at magniyude 11.2.

Remote session using RADMIN PC control from Ravenshead, UK.
LRGB exposures:- 320:90:80:140 mins total using 10 min sub-exposures at
-25°C. All images binned 1x1. AllC

  What it is

IC10 is classified as a dwarf irregular galaxy. It is also referred to as a starburst galaxy and is the most active star formation galaxy in the group. Compared to the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), IC10 has a larger number of Wolf-Rayet stars. IC10 lies near the galactic plane of the Milky Way and due to interstellar matter exhibits a reddening hue. The yellow and green emissions are from older stars. The red filaments are H-alpha regions with active star formations.
To bring out the starburst regions more effectively the color frames would need to be at least doubled from those used in this final image.

Processing Methods

Image acquisition and telescope control with CCDSoft V5.  
  Data reduction and Luminence de-convolution with CCDStack. RGB colour channels prepared in MaxImDL.  

Master RGB image and Master Lum Image finished with Photoshop CS2.Final LRGB image using PhotoShop CS2.