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Dates & Location

3rd April - 28th April 2019 from the ICAstro site, Oria, Spain. Elevation 1022 m.
Lat 38°:45.4 N, Long 00°:02.1W

Catalogue identification

Bode's galaxy
In this image, North is up.

Equipment Used

AstroPhysics AP155 mm focal length, F7.1
Paramount ME German equatorial Mount.
Camera - SBIG STT-8300FWG with internal 7 position FW and OAG
TheSkyX Pro telescope control.
SGP used for camera, PHD Guide and Focus control.

Lakeside Focuser S/W on AP rack-and pinion drawtube



Where it is in space

This field is approx 116 x 88 arcminutes - ie ~ 4 x 3 Moon diameters
M81 lies approx 10 degrees N of 29 UMa, in the area of the "shoulder" of the great bear.

The nebula is approx 440 light years away in our galaxy and spans about 25 light years


Remote session using Splashtop control from Ravenshead, UK
Exposures: L:10  x 20 min + R:G:B 10 x 10 min each.
Narrowband exposures: Ha 20 x 20 min, OIII 23 x 20 min
-20°C and -30°C.
All images binned 1x1.
Automated remote sessions using Sequence Generator Pro (SGP)


  What it is

Messier 81 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major. It has an apparent visual magnitude of 6.9 and its angular diameter is 21 x 10 arc mintues.

It is part a group of galaxies named as the M81 group. This group of galaxies are approx 11.7 million light year from our own local group of galaxies.

The small blue-ish cluster of blue star-like objects is a dwarf irregular galaxy associated with the M81 group.

Much closer to our Milky Way and in fact thought to lie only some hundreds of light years above the plane of our galaxy is the foreground neutral coloured cloudiness which has been named integrated flux nebulae. These dust clouds are reflecting light from the combined light of the Milky Way's stars back towards us.

These are
visual magnitude of 6.9


Processing Methods

All data reduction with CCDStack. Lum, RGB masters and RGB colour combine prepared in CCDStack
Master Ha colour created in PSCS6
Master (Lum+RGB) colour created in PhotoShop CS6.
DDP stretching, colour balancing
in PixInsight and finishing in PhotoShop CS6.