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Dates & Location

11th April - 27th July 2015 at the AstroCamp site near Nerpio, Spain. Elevation 1400 m.
Lat 38°:10 N, Long 2°:20 W

Catalogue identification

van den Burgh - Vdb152.
Ced 201.

Equipment Used

Takahashi FSQ106N at 530mm focal length, F5.0.
Paramount ME German equatorial Mount.
Camera SBIG ST-11000M with FW-8L filter wheel.
TheSkyX Pro telescope control.
CCDSoft V 5.0 camera control.

Lakeside Focuser with FocusMax
ScopeDome remote observatory.


Where it is in space

In the centre of the constellation of Cepheus. It is approximately 1,400 light years away in our Milky Way galaxy. The pale blue tip of the dark finger of molecular gas stretching from the north (top) of the image to the centre is the catalogued object.

Remote sessions using RADMIN PC control from Ravenshead, UK.
Exposures: Lum 18 x 10min. R:G:B each master 8x10 min. All sub-exposures
-10°C. All images binned 1x1.
Mainly automated sessions using CCDAutoPilot V5.

  What it is

The star that is illuminating the tip is a passer-by but it is the source of the light in the reflection nebula that is VDB 152. This star also appears to be causing shock wave fronts as it passes through the tip of the cloud. A closer look at this detail can be found here: Rotated and Cropped Image Centre

In this wide field image, vast areas of faint reflection nebulosity from the light of the millions of Milky Way stars around it can be seen as pale blue. The other, red areas appear to be illuminated by stars embedded in the molecular cloud. The stars in these areas have all been reddened by the scattering of their shorter wavelength blue light as it passes through in our line of sight.

Processing Methods

Data reduction with CCDStack. Lum and RGB masters and RGB colour combine prepared in CCDStack.  
  Final LRGB processing using PhotoShop CS6.